The Directory of Karaoke Songs

Welcome to The Directory Of Karaoke Songs. A lot of effort has been put into this project. It contains hundreds of thousands of English song tracks in the CD+G karaoke format.

The songs are listed in alphabetical order by artist. When there is more than one artist, the song is listed under the primary artist (the one that appears first).

Each listing gives the artist's name(s), the title of the song, the year of release (as best we can determine) and the identity of the karaoke disk it appears on. The year will help you determine if the song is the one you are looking for. If the year is not shown we have not been able to find it.

Please note that there will be times when the information available to us contains errors. That is the nature of the karaoke industry in general. Many manufacturers take very little time to get it right as far as identification and spelling is concerned. We spent several months verifying many of the song titles and artists from (hopefully) more reliable information. Changes have been made as needed.

Once you find a song you want and a manufacturer of a disk it is on, be absolutely SURE the song(s) are actually on the disk before you purchase it. Also be aware, in some cases, the manufacturer has re-issued karaoke disks with the same identifying number but has replaced some songs with others. We know of some of these but others are not readily apparent.

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This list is updated through the beginning of 2012.

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